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In one of our latest trips to the United States we got to visit some of the best private schools for academic year programs in New Hamsphire, less than an hour from Boston. All the schools we selected are catholic and offer state of the art facilities in academics, sports, music and all kinds of arts.

They are located in very quiet and safe environments, small size New England towns of about 30.000 – 90.000 people each and easy transportation to Boston, about 50 minutes away by bus. These towns offer all kinds of recreation activitities for young students like movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants or bowling centers in an unparalleled setting that combines urban enterntainment with nature activities since they are surrounded by beaches, lakes, rivers, parks or forests. During the warm months the spectacular area allows many activities such as beach trips, sailing, rafting, kayaking or hiking, while in winter time the students get to ski at the spectacular mountains and resorts located less than 20 minutes away.

As part of the academic year program, free of charge and without any extra cost, the schools offer a wide range of different activities of all kind like trips to Boston, visits to the best universities in the area (Yale, Harvard, Brown, MIT…), for students considering studying college in the United Sates, NBA and American Football games, movies, theater

The atmosphere at the schools is very friendly, (with 90% of American students) and all the international students we met highly recommended studying one academic year in the United States at those centers since it became one of the best experiences of their lives.

At the following link you will find all the details of the program:

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