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The east coast of the United States of America is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious areas of the world towards education and academic tradition and one othe best options for students who want to study academic year programs. Every private boarding school we promote at International Academic Programs has the College Prep denomination, and therefore they are specialized in preparing their students to obtain the best possible academic results in order to secure places at the best universities and colleges in the USA, specially the Ivy League top universities located in New England: Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Harvard, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Darmouth, Brown, MIT, Boston University, etc.

The spectacular New England setting allows academic year students to join amazing and first class ski and snowbarding programs. Thanks to the perfect location and proximity to top mountains and ski resorts, (some of them are just 30 minutes away from the schools), the students get to practice and compete against other private schools up to 3-6 days a week during the snow season.

About the environment, the tradition of most schools is being located in rural landscapes so students get to focus on their academic results with trips to major towns during the weekends. For candidates used to live in big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, or Munich there are also schools situated in urban settings close to cities like Portland, or Boston.

For weekend activities, the students get to choose among a wide range of opportunities such us games against other schools, trips to the major cities, shopping centers, movies, restaurants, ski trips, beach trips, NBA games, amusement parks, etc.

Our selection of private boarding schools includes options for every candidate: mixed schools, single sex schools, schools specialized in STEM programs, (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) specific sports, facilities, or any other specialty.  In our many trips we have even visited some top junior boarding schools for students between 10 and 14 years old.

Every school offers spectacular academic and extracurricular programs like engineering, robotics, programming, coding, virtual reality, movie and tv poduction, theater, chorus or music programs with state of the art facilities.

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