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British Columbia is undoubtedly one of our favourite destinations for the academic year programs in Canada. Their climate is the warmest in the entire country with very mild winters, and the unparalleled environment combines medium size safe and quiet towns surrounded by spectacular beaches, forests, lakes and ski resorts located barely 30 minutes away to the center Vancouver.

Thanks to this idyllic location, every kind of student can participate in the academic year programs since we get to choose the type of environment, school population, academic subjects, sports, proximity to the city, etc.  The schools are also located at amazing nature settings and therefore we always recommend parents to visit their children while they study in Canada so they get to see the incredible sourroundings of this amazing country.

Regarding the centers we have selected at International Academic Programs,  all schools offer state of the art facilities in academics, sports, music and arts programs, so we can find science labs, interactive boards, 3D printers, laser cuts, and cutting edge technologies like robotics, engineering, drone design, etc.

About sports the wide range of opportunities each school offer in British Columbia includes the best facilities you can find at any public school program: soccer, rugby and football fields, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball programs, badminton, golf and some schools even offer olympic size pools with incredible swimming or water polo programs.

For students with arts interests all schools offer amazing performing arts options with incredible drama programs and famous plays like: The Wizard of Oz, Cats, Chicago, Beauty and the beast, etc. Some students are comfortable performing, others prefer costume design, and others want to be involved with the broadcasting, video editing, etc.

One of the suggestions we always make to our students is going out of their comfort zone and try new programs such as theater, or even oratory classes like public speaking since those have proven to be a great way for students to experience a great personal growth and also to improve their self confidence.

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