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For those students who prefer a warm weather all year long or passionated by marine sciences, sailing, and surf programs, or spending time at the beach, the academic year program at the boarding schools in United Sates has spectacular options in the following destinations: California, Florida and Hawaii.

In this trip we were able to visit the best private boarding schools in California. Some of them where located in rural environments, some in the country side, others in medium size towns right by the ocean and a few in urban environments like Los Angeles or Santa Barbara.

The centers we selected for academic year programs are very different: small ones, big ones, mixed schools, single sex schools, with military background, specialized in different arts or specific academics or sports, etc.  One of them is currently considered one of the best in the entire country in performing arts like theater, drama, singing, musical or even dancing programs.

The last day of the week we were lucky enough to attend a spectacular show prepared entirely by the students at the worlwide recognized Roxy Thatre in Beberly Hills and most of the students who performed there will become soon authentic stars in their respective disciplines. Therefore this option is idyllic for candidates who want to pursuit their passions and learn from the best teachers and directors of every field: classical music, drama, dancing, painting, photography, ceramics, ballet, etc.

Regarding academics every school we promote at International Academic Programs in California offers as well all kind of different specialties such as engineering, environmental science, astronomy, or everything related with new technologies like app development, virtual reality, 3D printers, laser cuts, graphic design or web coding with internship options thanks to the proximity to Silicon Valley, the most prestigious technology area of the world, home base of the top cutting edege companies in the world like Google or Apple.

At the following link you will find all the details of the program:

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