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Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular destinations we promote for academic year programs in the United States. An ideal choice for students who prefer a familiar environment and a warm weather all year long instead of the cold winters of the east coast.

The boarding schools in Hawaii we promote at International Academic Programs are located in an incomparable environment for scuba diving fans and all kind of water related sports thanks to the proximity to the ocean, around 15 minutes drive. The island also offers incredible opportunities for geology lovers since it has it’s own volcano for research projects.  

Academically is one of the strongest options since it offers all kind of challenging programs like STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), astronomy (with one of the biggest telescopes in the United States) or even agreements with NASA for students with aerospace interests and field works that simulate the life conditions in Mars.  They also offer a wide range of technologies like robotics, drone design, virtual reality, web programming, coding and even one of the strongest marine biology programs with years of experience preserving local turtles in extintion risk.

In our school visits we were able to verify first hand the friendly environment where students live (80% American students) and the spectacular facilities and setting the schools offer.

We were all happily suprised by the student’s projects motivations since they were all following their passions and the main goal of every research was improving the lives of others: as an example we saw the student’s design of a low cost prosthetic robotic hand for injured people with low income or the design of big size drones for rescue works in natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis or flood control .

Other students were involved in the amazing school’s gardens and specialized orchards in order to develop renawable energies and a waste disposal system.

After discussing with a group of academic year students we realized they all mentioned their experience in Hawaii had become a turning point in their lives since they had been able to pursuit all their passions in a challenging and practical academic environment.

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