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Studying an academic year program at a boarding school in England constitutes a true turning point for the students who participate in it. After completing the program, all parents can verify their child’s personal growth and acquired self confidence.

The key aspects of the program in the British academic system are the prestige of their institutions with hundreds of years of tradition, the high level of supervision and formality administered by teachers and staff members, and the state of the art facilities in academics, sports, arts and music programs. These features combined with the proximity of England’s main airports (London, Liverpool or Birmingham) to any European country make the program one of the best destinations for students wishing to study abroad for academic programs.

All the private boarding schools we have selected at International Academic Programs share similar trademarks like being located in very safe environments, having great feedback from former international students and offering all kind of cutting edge programs according to the student’s main interests. The possibilities are endless since we can find small sized schools where everybody knows each other, big schools with plenty of different offerings, mixed schools, single sex schools, located in rural settings or close to major cities like London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Oxford, Bath or Manchester, to name a few.

The academic year program at the best private boarding schools in England is undoubtedly a spectacular choice for young students who haven’t traveled abroad on their own yet (summer programs) or for the kind of candidate whose parents want to keep in a traditional and well supervised environment very close to their home countries with just a couple of hours away by direct flights.

Every student we met at the school’s visits highly recommended the experience they were having since they had all mentioned a vast improvement in their self confidence and personal growth thanks to the amazing wide range of opportunities they had in academics, sports, music and arts programs, much superior to the ones the schools had at their home countries. Many of them were involved in outstanding equestrian, robotics, programming or coding programs. Like at any of our programs, we will select the best school possible according to the candidate’s main interests.

In order to do so it’s completely essential to know in advance the main parameters we should base on to select the perfect mach for each specific canidate. Some students are looking for strong soccer programs, others prefer tennis, swimming or golf options, and others are more interested in performing arts or proximity to main cities for weekend activities. Anyhow, all the schools we promote have been selected as the best in each area so they all share state of the art facilities in every specialty so students can pursuit their passions and get out of their comfort zone to reach their true potential.

Thanks to all the trips we have done to England, we have selected the best private boarding schools at the following areas, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bath, Bristol and Brighton and you can see in detail the results of our visits at the following photo and video report.

At the following link you will find all the details of the program:

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