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Undoubtedly the most special academic year program at boarding schools we promote at International Academic Programs. Due to it’s unique features and the maturity level needed to participate in the program, the directors only consider students of 17-19 years old for their 11th, 12th grade and PG (Post Graduated) programs.

This incredible academic year experience on a sailboat allows students to study, live and work as proffesional sailors since they will learn to do every single task on board like cleaning and maintenance of the ship, lookouts every two hours (even at night), and all kinds of navigation responsabilities. It’s essential for the candidates thinking about joining this program to understand they will work very very hard during the entire length of the program since it’s not a cruise ship experience at all and they will have to consider themselves as crewmembers with daily chores. At the end f the academic year the results will be outstanding for every student since they will learn ledership skills, experience an exponential personal growth and greatly improve their self confidence.

The academic method is the most practical and experimental available on the market since the students sail on high seas for 3 consecutive weeks without internet connection and they are taught classes at the own ship. Once they dock at the 20 assigned harbours, the sailors will spend one week at each destination doing all kinds of field work activities: in History class they will visit cities such as Rome or Athens, in Marine Biology they will study whales at Barbados, in Politc Sciences they will visit Cuba, for volunteering works they will travel to African countries, etc.

During the entire length of the program, as we have just mentioned, the sailboat will visit and spend one week each time at 20 different exciting countries and locations: Norway, Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, Azores, Cape Verde, Cuba, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Bermudas, United States (Florida), Argentina and Brazil.

It’s important to keep in mind the students won’t return to their own countries for any vacation periods like Christmas or Spring Break. The program is one entire academic year without breaks. A couple times a year, parents visits to specific ports will be allowed and those will be the only times to meet their families in person.

Besides the field works at each destination, during the navigation periods on high sea, the students follow a rigurous College Prep academic system with challenging AP classes (Advanced Placement) that prepare them to get acceptances at the best universities of the world.

As you can see this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for very mature students who want to live and incredible adventure, with a very practical academic system. After completing the program all students always mentioned it has meant a true turning point in their lives and an experience they will never forget.

The cost of the academic program is 62.900€ + our fees (4.000€ + VAT). For families with limited budgets, the program offers up to 20% financial aid for very academic students, but we must provide as always financial proof.

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