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International Academic Programs is born with the firm conviction of offering the best possible service to parents looking to send their children to study abroad at the best schools in ther world for academic year programs.

The academic year abroad program results as a life turning point for every student participating since they not only acquire a bilingual English level (crucial in their professional careers), but also the level of maturity, self confidence and personal growth the students obtain after completing the program, way ahead their classmates left at their home countries.

Studying an academic year program away from their parents makes students get out of their comfort zone and start to make their own decisions and choices. For the first time in their lives, students will learn how to do things on their own not having their parents monitoring every single step they take. In order to do so, the students must overcome themselves, and improve their self esteem in order to learn a series of essential skills they will apply not only at the school, but also while in university or later in life at their jobs.

When I was 17 years old I studied myself my 12th grade in the Unitades States in year 2000, the last academic year program before college and lived there for an entire year with an American family. Due to this knowledge I know first hand what actually means to participate in an academic year program abroad and every single aspect of the experience.

Selecting the perfect program, destination and school for each candidate it’s essential to guarantee the success of the experience and in order to do so we will based the selection on a series of key parameters like: academic performance, English level, envorinment, and sports, music and arts interests.

In order to select the best schools in each destination we promote at International Academic Programs: USA, Canada, England and Ireland, every year I travel and visit myself every school and area to customize a list of the best schools in the world. You will find all the details, photos and reports of each area at the interactive map included at the website section called Travel Blog (enlace a la sección en inglés).

There you will find every single report we have done so far for each area of the United States like our last September’s visit to the best private schools in Florida, with boarding and homestay options, and all our trips to New England, New York, California, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, New Hampshire or Hawaii.

In Canada you will also be able to check our trips to the cities of Vancouver in British Columbia, Calgary in Alberta, or St. Johns in Newfoundland.

Regarding European destinations you can review our boarding schools in England report, or the one for public schools in Ireland.

During my entire professional career with over 7 years of experience at the international education field, I have selected the best schools, arranged VISAS and transfers for hundreds of students in every country we promote at International Academic Programs. In all these years I have stablished a close relation with every school and their admissions directors, teachers and staff members, so I can provide a very efficient, close and familiar service.

Unlike any other big company in the field, every student and parent will always have my personal email and phone number to reach me at any moment they need during the entire length of the program.

Furthermore, it’s essential and a complete differential factor to emphasise the experince I also have as a host family: For over 19 years and still today, I host at my house American Students for semester academic programs in Madrid, Spain. Thanks to these experience I also know every need students have while studying abroad and how to fulfil their expectations as international students.

For parents, their main concern is having the conviction their children are in the best possible hands and therefore, our main priority will always be selecting the best possible school for each individual candidate to guarantee the success of every single aspect of the program.

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Borja Pérez-Mínguez Escobar

Founder and CEO International Academic Programs

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