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In one of our latest trips to the United States we were able to visit the area of Phoenix in Arizona, a state well know for the polite and respectful manners of it’s citizens and a great destination for 3 type of students:

  1. Students who want to live a truly American experience since it’s by far the area in the United States with less international students. The schools we selected for the academic year programs offer a complete American immersion since 98% of the students are American with a very reduced international population.
  2. Candidates looking for a warm weather environment all year long with very mild winters (about 15º) completely different from the cold states in New England or New York (-20º).
  3. Students who love nature activities like hiking, camping, cave exploration and all kinds of adventure sports.

With such a low number of international population, all students practice English at all times and that encourages closer relations and making new friends easily so Arizona becomes an ideal destination for students who prefer quiet areas where everybody knows each other and feels as a part of the community.

Regarding the academics, all schools offers strogn STEM options (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and some of the best students compete in robotic tournaments at state and even national championships.

Thanks to the reduced size schools we were happy to see as we explored each campus how everybody was more friendly and happy and encouraged to help each other. One of the traditions they have is the clan system like in the Harry Potter movies, so each student belongs to a clan or house, and during the entire length of the academic year program earns points for academic, sport, music or art results. The houses also competed against each others in all kind of different games, and the winners would get many different prizes like pizzas, field trips, permission to wear casual clothes, etc. This fun system allows a quick integration in the community and becomes a huge success for new students since they feel welcomed since the moment they arrive.

In sports as we always find in all the schools we promote at International Academic Programs, the options offered include a wide range of opportunities like soccer, basketball, tennis, track and field or baseball. Each one is played in an specific season and therefor the students get to compete in 3 different sports against other private schools in the area during the entire academic year.

For arts enthusiastics, the schools offer many alternatives like music, band, chorus, dance, ballet, jazz, painting, photography or drama among many others.

Arizona is also a great choice for students with a low English level since the schools offer amazing ESL programs (English as a Second Lenguage) for students struggling with the lenguage. This program adapts to each student’s needs and provides all need support with very reduced class sizes (7 students) and up to 1-2 daily hours help without any extra cost, so the program is very persinalized and allows students to quickly improve their English skills.

Regarding weekend activites we find all kinds of options such as adventure sports like kayaking, zip lining, climbing or hiking, many different field trips, visits to amusement parks, major cities, museums, mini golfs, NBA, American Football and baseball games, etc. All these activities is included in the cost of the program so students get to experience many American activities.

All schools are located in residential areas of very quite towns within 50 minutes from Phoenix, so they have all the amenities of a big city, in a very safe environment.

At the following link you will find all the details of the program:

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