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In the past few years we had the privilege to visit many times and select the best private catholic schools of the area of New York, undoubtedly one of the most excting destinations in the world.

All the schools are located in very quiet and safe beach towns in Long Island, about 50 minutes away by train to the center of Manhattan. Every school offers state of the art facilities in academics, sports, arts or music with cutting edge programs for every specialty.

Every single school has the College Prep designation so all their graduates secure places at the best universities of the United States with the guidence of their College Counselors.

As most of the private schools International Academic Programs promotes  in North America, due to the increasing universal claim, the centers provide very strong STEM programs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). For science options and thanks to generous alumni donations, the schools offer incredible facilities worth millions of dollars like the spectacular Anatomage Table. This machine allows students with medicine interests to study the human body, giving them the opportunity of virtually dissecting bones, organs, or even bloodstream cells to study in detail every single aspect of the anatomy. This is an incredible option for students who want to become doctors in the future. At this moment there are only 16 of these very expensive machines in the United States so it remains as an unparalleled alternative for students who really want to pursuit medicine careers.

Regarding sports the schools offer the best facilities and teams in all the estate, with outstanding top class programs in soccer, tennis, basketball or baseball among many others.

It’s essential to keep in mind that due to the incredible competence in sports in all the schools of the state (the best universities try to choose the best athletes at these schools to join them), the new students won’t be able to participate in competitive sports during the first year. This state law is set to prevent athletes from all over the world to spend one year at those schools and get an advantage towards other domestic students. For these reasons, new students can’t particpate in competitive sports until they have spent one entire academic year in the state of New York. For the students who only want to study for one academic year, they could join local clubs, (without competition) or participate in the following school options: sailing, track and field, cheerleading, rowing or equestrian programs.

For arts enthusiastics the schools offer some of the finest programs in the USA, with top level music options like the best chorus in North America (competing at national level), band, thater, drama, performing arts, painting or ceramics.

The environment is very safe, quiet and familiar, located in residential catholic areas and surrounded by gorgeous beaches, lakes and parks, ideal options for nature activities.

The students get many different recreation opportunities in town like movie theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, bowling centers, etc, and are situated only about 50 minutes away from the center of Manhattan. New York City is one of the most recognized cities on earth and provides an unparalleled scenario perfect for family activities like visiting musems (MOMA), walking by Central Park, having lunch at Little Italy, shopping at the Chelsea Market or Soho, visiting Wall Street and Ground Zero, or attending Broadway plays, NBA, American Football or Baseball games just to mention a few.

In all the trips we have done to New York in the past years we were able to visit each corner of the city and no matter how many times you visit Manhattan, you can always find some excuse to return! We encourage parents to visit their children while they study their academic year in New York and spend some days at the always spectacular Big Apple.

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