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If you are looking for the best of the best possible education, the universities that always come to mind are the ones included in the prestigious list of the Ivy League, a sport conference integrated by the most prestigious and elite universities located at the east coast ot the United States (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Yale and Princeton). The few students that get accepted have a brilliant future ahead of them after graduation. The same concept applies to the rest of top tier elite universities located in other areas of the USA like MIT, Berkeley, Chicago, Caltech, Duke, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, etc.

Many Monarchy members of different countries, Presidents of the Government, senators, scientists, Nobel prize winners, entrepereneurs and successful businessmen are part of the exclusive group of students who have studied at these Ivy League universities.

The acceptance rate of new estudents at these centers  is very low, and the best way to secure a place at the Ivy League universities is undoubtedly studying 4 years through the eliteboarding schools in the USA, Pre-Ivy League, since all of their students secure acceptances at the top universities of their choice.

These elite boarding schools have also a very low acceptance rate since thousands of exceptional candidates from all over the world apply each year and very few have the privilege of being finally accepted. I’s also very important to keep in mind they require a 4 year commitment since they won’t consider candidates for just one academic year.

In order to apply to one of the top private boarding schools it’s mandatory to meet the following requirements:

  • Apply with over a year in advance, no later than October. After reviewing the materials, the schools confirm the acceptances in January.
  • Superb transcripts in the past 3 years. Nothing below A in academic results.
  • Almost bilingual English level. Results from official SSAT and TOEFL exams must be provided.  
  • Being a well known member of the community: Recommendation letters proving leadership skills, community service, internships, etc.   
  • Practicing some extracurricular activity: being a part of sports teams, play music instruments, art interests, etc.
  • 4 year commitment. Most boarding schools allow students to study just for one academic year, but these elite boarding schools require completing 4 years, 9th-12th grade.
  • Budget of around 50-70.000$ tuition for each academic year + extras like health insurance (2.000$), texbooks, uniform, flights, transfers and our fees (4.000€ + VAT).

If the candidate fulfils all the above requirements, we can officially apply, but even then, no acceptance is guaranteed since thousands of candidates are in the same position, the very best of every country, and the acceptance rate is very low.

As we have been able to confirm after years of experience and visiting hundreds of private schools in the USA, meeting teachers, staff members, college counselors and current students, studying 4 years at one of the elite private boarding schools is surely the best way to secure a place at the Ivy League universities.

In one of our latest trips to New England, we had the privilege of visiting some of the best elite boarding schools in the world located in New Hampshire: the worlwide recognised Phillips Exeter Academy and St. Paul’s School, two of the most historic and academic schools founded in 1781 and 1856 respectively.

These two elite boarding schools are part of a select group of top centers, whose students are all accepted after graduation at the Ivy Leage universities, considered the best of the world. Former famous students of these gruop of elite boarding schools are President of the USA George H.Bush (Phillips Exeter and Yale), Facebook founder Mark Zuckerber (Phillips Exeter and Harvard), Secretary of State John Kerry (St. Paul’s and Georgetown), FBI Director Robert Moeller (St. Paul’s and Yale), etc.

During our school visits we were able to verify first hand the incredible level and cutting edge academic classes and laboratories, sport facilities and art buildings where students reach their full potential. It was brought to our attention the millionaire donations done by former students and successful businessmen who want to help improving the schools and in some way give back and recognize the received education as crucial part of their accomplishments.

The complete list of these elite boarding schools is the following: Phillips Exeter, Phillips Andover, St. Paul’s, Choate, Deerfield, Groton, Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, West Nottingham Academy, Milton, etc.

Some of the features all schools share are the following:

  • Founders of the Harkness method: 12 students in each class seated in a round table while debating about every topic with the teacher moderating in the middle.
  • The reduced class size allows a much personalized treatment and encourages active participation.
  • Students are shaped to be future leaders.
  • State of the art academic, sport, music and arts facilities.
  • Academic excellence.
  • Academic Year tuition: 50-70.000$ + extras.
  • Lowest acceptance rate in the field.

Therefore and due to the extreme difficulty of obtaining a place at those schools, the candidate should apply with over a year in advance while in 8th grade and for a 4 year commitment: 9th to 12th grade in order to graduate. These schools won’t consider students for just one academic year.

We will always advise interested families and candidates about these options, but the profile must be very academic and the places can’t be guaranteed.

Below you will find the best photos of the schools we promote in the area showing the best facilities, classes, labs and programs.

At the following link you will find all the details of the program:

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