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I arrived at the school very excited and a little nervous because I have never lived away from home for an entire year. My first impression about the school was amazing. It has a huge campus, like the ones you see at the movies.

The first days after the arrival, the school took us shopping for everything we need for our rooms, helped us opening a bank account for our expenses, and arranged a lot of fun plans to get to know each others like going to the movies or bowling.

Once the classes started it was a little difficult since I was kind of lost at the school and didn’t know many people. Despite of that, each day it was better and I started making friends easily. Everybody is very nice in class even though the classes are long and we only have three or four each day.

The academic system is challenging so you need to study hard because almost everyday we have some kind of exam for some class.

Regarding sports is a little complicated since the volleyball season starts in August and I didn’t have the chance to join the team and was very upset at the beginning, but next season I will join the soccer team. There are many other sports like basketball, and in Spring I will play tennis, but you can also play softball or take P.E. class, or go to the gym.

Going back to the weekend activities, there are always things to do. We have gone to water parks, to the movies many times, malls in Dallas and even roller skating.

Regarding rules there are quite a few, and even though is hard to assume them all, eventually it is very easy to follow them and you realize it’s for our own safety.

The campus is always being expanded and right noew they are building a new baseball court and in the future they will build a brand new building, new tennis courts and an outside swimming pool

So far I’m really enjoing the school and I’m improving my English day by day. There are days I feel I would like to go back to Spain because I may had a bad day, but that’s normal I guess and then it’s all good.

I think the school is a great choice if you are a Christian, but if you are not I wouldn’t recommend it since there are many international boarders without those believes and since there are often prayers, they find it a little hard to be involved.

I hope everything goes as well as this first months and to improve my English every day.

This has been my experience so far.

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