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My name is Daniel and I´m currently studying my senior year (12th grade) in Hawaii and it’s been undoubtedly the best year of my life. Since the first day I arrived everybody was very nice with me and made me feel at home. I´m playing soccer with the Varsity team as a striker and we have a great team. In February we will have the state championship in Honululu and we are confident we will be the best team in Hawaii.

Being a boarder student and living at the dorms is very fun. We have a living room where we all meet during the weekends, play videogames, listen music, order pizzas… On Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays the school drives us by bus to a local town called Waimea. There we have a mall with some restaurants, supermarket, stores, etc. We usually spend there around 3 hours and is very nice. During weekends the school also takes us to the beach, hiking, camping, surfing, visiting volcanos…

Regarding academics, the classes are very fun and dinamic and everybody is very friendly. Every night we have about 2 hours of mandatory study hall which is great to do our homework, prepare our essays and study for the exams.

On Sundays you can go to the swimming pool since it’s open all year long. If you are a 12th grade student, the school helps you with the College Counselor securing a place at American Universities if you want to study in the United States. Mine is helping me selecting colleges in New York since I want to study business there and I´m applying to 6 colleges in Manhattan. During the next months (now it´s January and I came back home to Spain for Christmas) I will receive all the colleges answers and decide where to study my 4 years of University.

Dani 12th grade boarding schools in the United States, Hawaii. 

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