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After my arrival I was suprised to see where the school was located since it was in a mountain area with just a few houses in the town. The school entire campus is actually most of the town. 

At the beginning I wasn’t used to it since in Spain I live in a big city, but once you are shettled, you realize the school is the perfect place for quiet students and ideal to study and gain the best possible results since there are no distractions around the campus.

The school arranges all kinds of nature activities like going kayaking on the Androscoggin river on Maine Day or hiking to a close island at the Acadia National Park, among many others.

During the weekends you have also lots of options and trips available like going to the movies with friends, to the mall, karting, visit art galleries or even community service options.

Regarding sports there are also many different nature related ones like mountain biking or cross country, but for the first term I have chosen soccer.

Acedemically the school is very demanding since we are only 250 students and the teachers give you a very personalized treatment, so you get all the help you need.

I’m very excited about the upcoming winter season so we can go skiing and for the release of the first term grades!

My dream is studying in an Ivy League University when I graduate and I have to work very hard to achive it.

Zhen, 10th grade boarding schools in the United States, New England.  

At the following link you will find all the details about the program of boarding schools in the united states:

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