Public schools with host families.

The program of public schools with homestay in Canada has become in the past years one of the highest demanded international academic programs in the world.

Portada Canadá

ACADEMIC YEAR: 11.910€ to 20.035€ (CAD $ 18.600 – CAD $ 31.300) + our fees (4.000€ + VAT).

SEMESTER: 6.115€ to 10.115€ (CAD $ 9.550 – CAD $ 15.800) + our fees (3.000€ + VAT)

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    The Canadian academic system is considered 3rd best in the world. Combined with an spectacular and unparalleled nature environment, being one of the safest countries worlwide and the possibility of custom design every single part of the program, make the academic year in Canada one of the best possible options to study abroad.

    The academic year program allows parents to select the area and climate (Canada is divided in several provinces with very different features and weathers) with extreme cold provinces like Manitoba (-40º winters) or Ontario (-20º) to the moderate winters of British Columbia, Vancouver area, or the mild Newfoundland, the closest destination from Europe. Other key aspect of the area selection is the environment since some students are used to live in big cities, and others prefer smaller or rural towns. For example, Alberta, Calgary is one of the biggest cities in Canada and cleanest of the world, a great option for students used to live in major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Paris, etc. Regarding the academic profile, we will select the school based on the student’s interests (exigency, academic strengths, IB programs, French Immersion, etc). The same system applies to other aspects of the program like sports, music, arts and any other extracurricular activities, distance to ski resorts, beaches, forests, parent’s budget, etc.

    In order to guarantee every school we promote fulfil the highest quality standards, I have personally visited each one of the centers and carefully selected a list with the best ones of each destination. Our selection of schools only includes the ones that provide the best facilities, academics, sports, music and arts programs. I have verified it after meeting with the schools responsibles and talked with current students about their experiences there and their level of satisfaction. At the travel blog you will find specific reports of each of my visits to each school in every destination.


    Subject selection is precisely where the academic program in Canada stands out. Every school we promote at International Academic Programs offers the usual core subjects like: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Hstory, English, etc, but they also offer a wide range of very atractive academic subjetcs like business, engineering, robotics, mechanics, leadership or public speaking (we always recommend these ones to encourage students to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to speak to audiences). There are many other options for each kind of student: web design, graphic design, culinary arts, visual arts, movie and tv production, fashion design, wood shop, video and audio edition…

    Regarding sports, each school offers many alternatives like soccer, rugby, tennis, swimming, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, ski and snowbarding or Canadian sports like curling or ice hockey.

    Graduation in North America, 11th and 12th grade:

     In North America (United States and Canada), there are two options to earn the graduation, always studying the last two years at the same school:

    1. American System. 11th and 12th grade. The students usually take around 6-7 subjects each year. This system allows students to choose the level of each subject according to their strenghts with high level options like Honors or Advanced Placement subjects. This AP subjects even allow students to earn University credits for their first year in College. Once the students graduate, they can choose between studying University in the United States or Canada, or return to their home countries and study their degrees there.
    2. International Baccalaureate. Regarding the IB, the student must study the 2 years at the same school since they take the same 6 subjects during 2 courses. Each subjects must belong to a different field (literature, mathematics, sciences, social sciences, lenguage and arts). The IB is recognized by many contries and grants automatic access to the Universities. Some students can additionally take the University access exams to earn a higher score.


    It’s very important the students make the most of their programs and take full advantage of all these options that will help to keep theirselves busy, integrate in the community, improve their English and make many new different friends.

    The academic year program in Canada allows parents to choose the best possible school for each candidate according to their interests so our selection will be based on those parameters to guarantee they have the best possible experience.

    The Canadians friendly nature, along with their polite culture ensure the parents and student’s level of satisfaction after completing the program.



    The host families are carefully selected in order to match the ideal family for each candidate and their interests: with or without children at home, other international student, pets, sports interests and weekend family activities like traveling, hiking or skiing.

    It’s very important to keep in mind that Canada is one of the most diverse countries of the world and therefore many of the Canadian citizens may have different ethnicities, races, cultures or background. In every case, the lenguage spoken at home will be always English.

    The program includes all meals and during the week the students will have breakfast and dinner at home. For lunch, the host families will prepare packed lunch for the students to eat at the school (sandwich, fruit, water, etc). On weekends, all meals will be shared at home with the host family, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    The academic year program allows students to return back home for Christmas holidays, but we always recommend they stay in Canada during the entire length of the program so they can experience first hand those family holidays.

    On the other hand, parents can always visit the students while in Canada and we encourage them to do so since it’s an incredible experience and they can get to know the area, host family, nature opportunities, etc. We just need to be informed ahead of time in order to notify the host family and the school.

    Extracurricular activities

    12th grade.

    For 12th grade candidates (the last academic year before college, 17-18 years old), also called senior students, they must indicate in advance and before applying if their idea is studying the university in Canada or the United States of America after graduation, or if they will study it at their own countries back home. Some schools may allow students to graduate in one year, (it would depend on the subjects studied during the last academic years) but others have specific requirements towards graduation and would require to study more than one academic year. In order to secure the graduation and several college acceptances in Canada and the USA, we always recomend if possible studying the last 2-3 academic years in the USA: 10th, 11th and 12th grade.


    7th grade (12 years old) to 12th grade (18 years old). Possibility of studying the PG program (Post Graduate), for students who have finished their 12th grade in their own countries and want to study the academic year program in Canada or the United States before studying college or University. Age limit 18 years old (the schools don’t accept 19 year old students).

    ACADEMIC YEAR: 11.910€ to 20.035€ (CAD $ 18.600 – CAD $ 31.300) + our fees (4.000€ + VAT).

    SEMESTER: 6.115€ to 10.115€ (CAD $ 9.550 – CAD $ 5.800) + our fees (3.000€ + VAT).


    Official calendar Canada (dates)

    • Academic year: Late August to the end of June.
    • 1st semester: Late August to the end of January
    • 2nd semester: Beginning of February to the end of June.
    • Term: Some schools offer a short program from late August to late December.

    Vacation periods (Estimated dates)

    Christmas break: December 22 to the first week of January.

    Spring Break: March 20th-30th.

    • Included: school tuition, homestay with full board, and health insurance.
    • Not included: flights, personal expenses, transfers (some schools charge extra, some are included), public transportation, orientation week before classes start. Around  5$/day. Students pay the family directly in cash.

    Next you will find an interactive map showing every area we promote in each destination, with links to the specific reports indicated with the symbol  .

    Once you click in each of these reports you will be able to check our impressions, photos and videos of the best schools we select in each area.


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