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The academic program at private boarding schools in England is one of the best options to study abroad for a term, or an academic year.

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Term: £ 9.500 – £ 13.000 + our fees (3.000€).

Academic year (3 terms): £ 28.500 – £ 37.500 + our fees (4.000€).

Mandatory guardian service:

  • Academic year: £150 (application) + £9500 (academic year fees) + deposit £400.
  • Term: £150 (application) + £350 (term fees) + deposit £400.

 Extras: flights, health insurance, uniform, exeats (weekends the school in closed), airport transfers.

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    Most private boarding schools in England follow the rolling admissions system where candidates are invited to submit their applications until all places available are granted. Once the school runs out of places, no further candidates will be considered. We work with boarding schools all over the United Kingdom so we will have alternatives even until summer time, but you must keep in mind being one of the most prestigious academic programs available, the highest demanded schools, like the ones closest to Londonwill close their application process by October-November so in order to guarantee a place in one of those it’s essential to submit the application as soon as possible.

    The British academic system is based on the following key points: prestigious institutions with hundreds of years of tradition, the highest level of supervision, formality and top notch academic exigence. The schools offer state of the art facilities in academics, sports, arts and music with a proximity convenience to any European country.

    Undoubtedly is the ideal destination for either a term, or an academic year for young students who haven’t travelled abroad yet, and also for parents who want them to return back home to their own countries oftently due to the half term holidays. The academic year program in every school is divided in 3 different terms and each one has it’s own 10-14 days break.
    During these half terms, all schools close and every student must fly back home to spend those days with their parents so it’s an ideal program for parents that doesn’t want to be away from their children for many months.
    The British schools are also a great opportunity for older students since it provides a very rigorous education and prepares the students after graduation and based on their academic results to study at the best universities of the world, specially the ones located in England like Cambridge, Oxford, Surrey, Bath, etc.

    At the following link you will find all the information about the report we made after visiting the best Boarding Schools In England, and you can see the results of our impressions, photos and videos of the top schools in the country.

    In order to guarantee every school we promote fulfils the highest quality standards, I have personally visited each one of the centers and carefully selected a list with the best ones of each destination. Our selection of schools only includes the ones that provide the best facilities, academics, sports, music and arts programs. I have verified it after meeting with the schools responsibles and talked with current students about their experiences there and their level of satisfaction. At the travel blog you will find specific reports of each of my visits to each school in every destination.


    The academic year program in the boarding schools in England allows to select the perfect school for the candidate’s profile and interests: mixed schools, or boys/girls only, in rural environments or close to big cities, specialized in differents sports like equestrian programs, rugby, swimming, fencing, etc.

    All teaching staff and school members are highly qualified and provide a comprehensive follow up to the student’s academic and personal performance during the entire length of the program in order to guarantee the best possible results.

    The boarding schools in England perfectly combine tradition and modernity with spectacular campuses with hundreds of years and state of the art facilities, gardens, sport fields, and modern buildings. Regarding academics every class is fully equipped with cutting edge technologies, 3D printers, laser cuts, smart boards, etc.

    Graduation in England:

    In England there are two options to graduate, always studying both years a the same school:

    1. British System: 6th Form – A levels. Year 12 and Year 13. The students must study both years at the same school and at the end of the second year take the final exams of at least 3 A Level subjects. We always recommend 4. Those 4 subjects will be taught during the 2 years at the highest level so the students can choose them according to their interests and what they want to study in College. Therefore it provides a very specialized education for each student. The subjects must be from different fields: science (physics, chemistry, biology) arts, business, history, literature, economy, politics, mathematics, geography, psicology, I.T…
    2. International Baccalaureate. Regarding the IB, the student must study the 2 years at the same school since they take the same 6 subjects during 2 courses. Each subjects must belong to a different field (literature, mathematics, sciences, social sciences, lenguage and arts). The IB is recognized by many contries and grants automatic access to the Universities. Some students can additionally take the University access exams to earn a higher score.  The main difference between the IB and the A levels is that the IB develops every academic aspect of the student and the A levels allow them to specialize in specific fields.


    Every academic program student quickly develops a strong study habit since all schools have 2 daily hours mandatory Study Hall. In these periods, completely supervised by teachers and staff members, students learn a series of valuable key skills that will ensure they obtain the best possible academic results.

    At the private boarding school program in England, every academic year is divided in 3 different terms, and each one of them has it’s own holidays called Half Terms. During those vacations, every school will be closed for 10-14 days and all students must return back home to their countries.

    About sports, every school offers a wide range of programs with spectacular facilities in many specialties like: soccer, tennis, golf, swimming, equestrian programs, rugby, field hockey, polo or cricket among many others.

    For art and music enthusiasts, every school offers incredible programs like theater, drama, painting, dance, chorus, orchestra and many more so students can practice and develope their different passions.



    Due to all the Half Terms and different holidays the academic program has in England, each student will fly 4 times each term (beginning and ending + Half Term flights) and for this reason it’s mandatory the authority figure of the Guardian.

    This legal figure must live in the country and is in charge of supervising every transfer of our students from the airports to the schools and vice versa in every single flight during the entire length of the program.

    We work with a Guardian service of absolute confidence with plenty of years of experience and great feedback from hundreds of students. For these reasons they are always in charge of all our students in England. The cost of the Guardian service is around £1.150 for the academic year program and £500 for term programs (with always a £500 retornable deposit for transfer expenses).

    Regarding weekend activities the students have many different options like sport games and championships against other private schools in the area, field trips to historic and touristic sites, trips to the main cities, movies, restaurants, paintball, karts, shopping, etc.


    Extracurricular activities


    Prep School: Year 3 (7 years old) – Year 9 (13 years old).

    Senior school: Year 10 (14 years old) – Year 13 (17 years old)

    Grades to avoid: Year 11 (15 years old) and Year 13 (17 years old). The British academic system has official exams at the end of their 2 cicles: GCSE (Year 10 and 11) and the A levels (Year 12 and 13) so after finishing the Years 11 and 13 the students must take those exams for the academic content taught in two years. Due to the difficulty of studying in just one year the contect taught in 2 academic years most schools won’t consider students for Year 11. Only for very academic and hard working students, some schools offer the Fast Track year, that allows them to prepare in one year.

    Term: £ 9.500 – £ 13.000 + our fees (3.000€).

    Academic year (3 terms): £ 28.500 – £ 37.500 + our fees (4.000€).

    Mandatory guardian service:

    • Academic year: £150 (application) + £9500 (academic year fees) + deposit £400.
    • Term: £150 (application) + £350 (term fees) + deposit £400.

     Extras: flights, health insurance, uniform, exeats (weekends the school in closed), airport transfers.


    Official calendar England (dates)

    • Academic year: September to the end of June. Each term has it’s own dates and students must book their flights accordly to the official calendar.

    Vacation periods (approximately)

    (Each school has it’s own calendar)

    Christmas break: December 15th to January 3rd.

    Half term – 1st term: October 14th-29th.

    Half term – 2nd term: February 16th-25th.

    Half term – 3rd term: May 2th – June 3rd

    • Included: school tuition, full board, health insurance for Europeans (European card).
    • Not included: flights, transfers from and to the airport , personal expenses, uniform, Guardian service.

    Next you will find an interactive map showing every area we promote in each destination, with links to the specific reports indicated with the symbol  .

    Once you click in each of these reports you will be able to check our impressions, photos and videos of the best schools we select in each area.


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    Private boarding schools in England.

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    Boarding schools in England

    Boarding schools in England

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