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International Academic Programs is born with the firm conviction to provide the best possible counseling service for parents looking for a top international education for their children at the best schools located on the main English speaking countries: USA, Canada, England and Ireland.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela.

In a labour market as competitive as the current one with thousands of high qualified candidates for the best positions of the market, it becomes essential to provide our children with a series of key tools that will allow them to access those jobs, make a difference and stand out among their competitors, in order to grow at their respective proffesional careers.

The maturity and experience obtained after participating in the academic year abroad program, as well as mastering the most important language in business, English, constitute essential differencial factors that will become crucial advantages to your children in order to gain access to best positions in the market.

The other key aspect of studying abroad is undoubtedly the life experience: The American academic system provided at the selection of schools International Academic Programs collaborates with, is designed for every student to reach their full potential and build a strong confidence in their abilities. The students don’t just settle for average results, they are encouraged by teachers, counselors, and staff members to step out their comfort zone, obtain the highest possible results, and develop their leadership and communication skills, key points for their future jobs.

Living in an international and competitive environment in all fields such as academics, sports, music and arts, promotes a healthy competition with their classmates that encourages the students to surpass their limits. The students learn crucial team work abilities with pupils from other countries and cultures, and they also learn to debate and defend different points of view with the respect taught at a multicultural environment that enriches their education and prepares the graduates to become the authentic leaders of their generation.

Thanks to my personal experience of studying in the USA for an Academic Year program in 2000 as a 12th grade student, I was able to live first hand what really means to actually study one year abroad, away from family and friends and can explain in detail every single aspect of the programs we promote at International Academic Programs.

In order to guarantee every school we promote fulfils the highest quality standards, I have personally visited each one of the centers and carefully selected a list with the best ones of each destination. Our selection of schools only includes the ones that provide the best facilities, academics, sports, music and arts programs. I have verified it after meeting with the schools responsibles and talked with current students about their experiences there and their level of satisfaction. At the travel blog you will find specific reports of each of my visits to each school in every destination. Additionaly you will find the new section, testimonials, where our students share their feedback about their programs with plenty of photos of their schools, classes, environment and weekend activities. At the end of the acedemic year I personally interview each student and their families to discuss about the success of the program.

It’s essential to know every aspect of the program, individually selected for each student in order to guarantee it’s success and fulfil every expectation.

With over 8 years of experience, most of them at the largest companies in the education field, and after personally selected the schools, completed the application process, secured the Visas, verified the subject selection and transfer arrangements for hundrends of students, I have acquired a profound knowledge of every single aspect of the Academic Year programs. Thanks to this experience, I can advise and select the best possible school and program for each specific student according to the candidate’s interests.

During my entire career, and specially at present, I frequently travel and visit many destinations in person in order to select the best schools we promote in each area at International Academic Programs. I already have visited over 115 top schools all over the world. In every different section of the web dedicated to each destination you will find specific details of each program with interactive maps with links to every single report we have done after each school visit with the selection of the best centers in all destinations: Boarding schools in the USA with trips to the prestigious areas of New England(Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania y Virginia), New HampshireTexas, California, Florida and Hawaii.  There are also options for military boarding schools for parents looking for a more disciplined environment and even a very special program for the more adventurous types and traveling lovers with our Sailing around the world program. This exclusive program consists in living one year in a sailboat while visiting 20 different countries.
For homestay alternatives we offer the USA family program with private schools in the best areas of North America: New York (Long Island), New Hampshire (Boston), Arizona (Phoenix) y Florida (Melbourne).


United States is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious destinations to study Academic Year programs since all the schools we promote at International Academic Programs have the College Prep denomination. Thanks to their academic requirements and the highest level teaching staff on the market, once the students graduate from these renowned schools, they secure places at the best Universities of the world. Many times, with important merit scholarships for academic results and sports, music or arts performances. This financial aid opportunities are only granted to the students that show the biggest efforts and allow families with limited budgets to provide their children with the highest education possible.

Regarding Canada, it has become one of the programs with the biggest growth in the last years thanks to it’s unique features, since it combines great academic programs, sports facilities, spectacular nature environments with easy access to major cities, homestay options and a very affordable cost. I have visited in person many schools in almost all provinces and put together a selection of the best centers in each area like Vancouver surroundings in British Columbia, the city of Calgary in Alberta, Toronto and other areas in Ontario, Winnipeg in Manitoba and Newfoundland, the closest province to Europe in Canada.

“The continual search for knowledge becomes the highest form of wisdom”.

— Jordan Peterson.

We encourage you to visit the web section called travel blog, suscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Youtube in order to check the results of our schools visits with photo reports and video interviews, showing the best features of each center, facilities, academic programs, sport fields, music and arts options, and students feedback, so you can have a very visual idea of the area you have in mind for your children’s academic year program.

Next you will find an interactive map showing every area we promote in each destination, with links to the specific reports indicated with the symbol  .

Once you click in each of these reports you will be able to check our impressions, photos and videos of the best schools we select in each area.

Interactive map of USA boarding, USA family and Canada

Closest to Europe, and maybe ideal destinations for younger students, or for candidates going to study abroad for the first time, we have visited, selected and worked with the best boarding schools in England, specially the areas of Birmingham, Liverpool and London. Regarding Ireland, we work with almost every area in the country: Mullingar, Sligo, Limerick, Kilkenny, Cork and Dublin surroundings. These two countries, England and Ireland are perfect for parents looking to see their children more often, thanks to the proximity to other countries in Europe, and the frequent vacation periods the schools close during the academic year, that allow the students to travel back home each few weeks for each Mid Term, Christmas, and Eastern holidays.


For the more adventurous students with strong sailing interests, we have the spectacular alternative of the sailboat across the world  program. This incredible option allows students to live on a boat during the entire academic year and to travel to 20 different countries where they will do all kinds of field work for around 10 days each (Italy, Greece, Cuba, Barbados, Norway, USA, South Africa, France, Netherlands, Brazil…) Given the very specific nature of the program, (living on a boat without internet) it only considers very mature candidates between 17-19 years old going to study their 11th, 12th or PG programs.

Programs in England, Ireland and sailboat across the world

Next you will find an interactive map showing every area we promote in each destination, with links to the specific reports indicated with the symbol  .

Once you click in each of these reports you will be able to check our impressions, photos and videos of the best schools we select in each area.

Interactive map of England, Ireland and sailboat across the world

In order to select the best possible school for each candidate, it’s essential to consider their unique features, academic performance, English level, academic interests, sports practiced and maturity level. Each student is completely different so it’s imperative to get to know each individual in all main areas so we can choose the best academic program and destination for their profile.

After a first meeting with parents and the candidate (in person or through Skype) and confirming all these key points, my job consists in wisely choosing the ideal program for the student in order to secure the complete sucess of the experience: boarding school or homestay programs, rural or urban environment (distance to major cities), specific weather (cold winters with strong ski programs or warmer areas closer to the ocean), sports, music, art programs, etc


Our services are based in one key differential aspect, the personalized service. After more than 7 years of experience in the education field, I was able to confirm the biggest issue major companies have is undoubtedly the high volume of students each consultant has on their hands. That situation makes very difficult to provide an individualized treatment with each candidate and family. Here, at International Academic Programs, each program will be customized designed according to each student’s interests. The candidates and their families will have my own personal number and email during the entire program for any question that may arise, so the relation will be very close and fluid.

Another differential aspect of our services and a key point is also the experience I have gained as being a host family for international students for over 18 years. I have hosted hundred of international students at my house while they were studying an academic semester in Madrid with their American Universities. This international background has given me the opportunity to get to know many students and cultures and obtain a strong understanding of their expectations and needs while living abroad with a host family. I have applied this knowledge to all the academic programs we promote and my absolute priority resides in selecting the best possible program for each student’s profile and interests.

I have personally visited every school we promote at International Academic Programs and have worked with them for years, know all the admissions responsibles, sent them many students, and verified their level of satisfaction after completing the Academic Year program based on their feedback. For me, there is nothing as rewarding as seeing through the year the students personal growth, their increasing level of maturity, and of course, their academic success. Once the students travel back home at the end of the program, all parents always notice the appreciation on their children’s faces for giving them this unique opportunity that will truly make a difference in their lives and professional future.

For parents is essential to have a total peace of mind with every aspect of the program at the chosen school and destination so our first priority will be always providing an efficient, personalized and close service to families and students.


Borja Pérez-Mínguez Escobar

Founder and CEO International Academic Programs Cursos en el extranjero S.L.

“The difference we have made to the lives of others will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

— Nelson Mandela.


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Video reports

Video reports of our visits to boarding schools in the United States, Canada, England and Ireland.

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