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I was very nervous when I arrived at the school since I didn’t know what to expect, but at the same time I was excited about how the experience was going to be and the very first day of school I met lots of people I’m still friends with today

Everybody helped me shettling in since day one, the American students, and the international students. They all showed me the school and really helped me regarding schedules, classes, teachers, etc.

What I love most about my school was how fun the classes were and also that they were all only 40 minutes long so you never get bored. Also, every day you have free periods, which mean free hours during the school day you can use to study, eat and hang out with friends.

My school has a library and it’s very useful since you can borrow books anytime you want as long as you return them of course. They also have many computers if you need to do some project, essay or even to print your homework.

Regarding activities and clubs, my school offers many options. I highly recommend it to make new friends, practice English and getting involved with the Americans. You also live a new experience since the sports in the United States are taken very seriously and many students receive important scholarships for athletes.

There are many American traditions I loved like Homecoming. It was in October and it’s crazy! They put a lot of time and effort to prepare it and there are parties, dances, lots of food, and the biggest American Football match of the year! I had a great time during Homecoming and made lots of friends.

They also celebrate Halloween big time and it’s by far one of my favourite experiences since they prepare it for months and everybody loves the spirit of the holidays, they decorate the houses, dress up in costumes and you get a lot of free food! I loved all the different candy you can get! I highly recommend you make the most of it since is one of the most fun American traditions. 

Regarding the host families, I think they really help you mature and grow as a person. The American families are always there for you and help you with anything you need. They are your family for an entire year! My experience has been very positive. My host sisters were a year older and a year younger than me and they have really helped me with the school and everyhing I needed. They are always going to be there for you and help you getting involved in every aspect.

I highly recommend the experience of studying one year at the United States since even though at the beginning is hard to be away from family and friends, it really helps you to open your mind, get to know many cultures and people from different countries you will be friends for all your life, from China to Italy, and of course you learn English, crucial aspect for our work future.

I have grown very much as a person this year because it’s like living alone without your own family and you learn to do things on your own, which is hard at the beginning, but very fulfilling at the end and you really enjoy the experience.

About the weather at the United States it’s really different from one area to another. I have lived in New York (Long Island) and winter here is very cold since you are close to the ocean, so you get plenty of snow.

I have also travelled a lot during my academic year and I have visited Florida and Los Angeles (California). I really loved both states and they are very different from New York so you get to compare different environments. I really recommend it if you get the chance to travel to other areas.

New York is one of the most outstanding states in America since you get everything you want like mountains to ski, beaches to hang out, and of course the city of New York, Manhattan and Times Square. 

For me New York city is one of the best since there are always things to do like visit the Empire State, walk through Central Park, go shopping at the Soho and Chelsea Market, having lunch at Little Italy…

If you have the chance to live this experience go ahead and live it!

Maria, 10th grade: Private school in the United States with host family, New York. 

At the following link you will find all the details of the program of boarding schools in the United States:

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