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I arrived at the school on August 17th, very tired and missing Spain already. I went straight to my room to sleep for the jet lag and I couldn’t really see the campus.

The next day I was able to see the entire school and I was impressed by the facilities and how big it is. The people here is very nice and as soon as you start to get to know everybody you become like a family. Each day you forget about your life in your own country and enjoy more your life in the United States. Sometimes you miss the food in Spain, but you get used to the American food.  My school is very friendly specially with people from Spain or South America.

When the classes start you have to choose your subjects. I always recommend piano or guitar since you learn to play new instruments and it’s a very easy A.

Once the academic year begins, you start to make more American friends who live in the area with their families, and they invite you to their houses, drive you around, invite you to their parties (without alcohol of course), take you to the movies, etc.

The teachers are also very nice with international students and they are always intrigued by our different cultures since each country is unique in it’s own way.

I have really improved my English compared to the level I had in Spain and once you have a solid base, the rest will be easy.

One of the other thinks I like the most about my school is that is located in a town with everything you need so you get to go to restaurants, supermarkets, shops and anything you need.

The weekend activities are also great with trips to Boston and Portland, amusement parks, going to the movies, good restaurantes, rafiting, etc. Many different options to join.

About the dorms and roomates, for me the most important thing was making friends at my dorm since you go to their room, they visit yours, you play together board games, Playsitation, ping pong… You meet people from other countries and they eventually become your family.

My favourite dorm is the most modern, but the others are also great.

The roomates are also very important to improve your English and help you with your homework and if you share similar interests you become friends very fast.

Studying away for one year or longer is an incredible experience that makes you more mature, responsible, neat and helps you keep your room tidy.

The more important thing you will learn is to appreciate your home since you never appreciate something until you lose it (for one year!).

Mateo, 10th grade boarding schools in the United States, New England. 

At the following link you will find all the details of the program of boarding schools in the United States:

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