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My experience at the United States has been unique. 

The people you meet during the experience and the things you learng along the process made me stay until my senior year and the graduation.

Living in a place completely different from my city, Madrid, Spain, made me learn there are millions of fun things to do besides the ones I was doing at home. It made me value the life at my home country in Spain, full of privileges and helped me grow up and mature, it was about time!

You also leave the United States not only with friends, but with your own family shaped by students from all over the world.

During the entire year you are always doing new things. Every weekend you could joing many activities like skiing, snowboarding, karting, going to the movies, and trips to Boston and Portland.

You could always play many different sports as long as your academic results were strong.

Honestly, you don’t really realize the importance of this experience until you fly back home and see how much you have changed and see everything with a new perspective.


Alvaro 12th grade boarding school in the United States, New England. 

At the following link you will find all the details of the program of boarding schools in the United States:

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